Those customers who work at multinational companies which have many departments and the number of employees up to 200. In order to operate and follow the work efficiently, customers want an effective management and analyze work application website. Head of deparrtment can manage personnel easily and measure work in the most effective way.

Day by day, the number of employees is increasing, the work is too much, so customers cannot control tasks of each employee. The company has many departments and to be managed by head of deparrtment, but the work progress and work efficiency are not good. This affects the work progress and revenue of company.

Besides, customers not only want to solve the problems of progress management, but also want to manage the quality of employees in each project, solve problems quickly.

It is with these challenges, INTS offers a solution to the company’s problems about human resource management and work quality. With the Taskboard web application, company manage for each department. Each employee has their own account and tasks.

Functions of Application is very useful such as division, management of tasks (TODO, DOING, REVIEW, FINISH, ..). It is the purpose of task magement of team member and analyze status of each project, then find solutions quicly.

For better management and security, this application can develop with “chat in Team” feature to become the most effective support ecosystem.

Results and achievements:
The application effect which brings to customers is very good. Customers not only solve operation management problems and work quality problems, but also help employee take on more responsibility of task.

This web application help company increase revenue by having more projects, and the company is not afraid of recruitment for new projects.

“Chat in team” feature helps all employee focus on working efficiently, information is protected.