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Full transparency

The data is encrypted and cannot be changed or faked.

High Performance

Save time and resources by optimizing process.

Security enhancement

Each information block is immutable and thoroughly encrypted.

Direct transactions

Cut out intermediaries to make transactions cheaper and faster.

INTS's Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contract Development
Public Blockchain Development
dApp Development
Private Blockchain Development
Tokenization Development
Blockchain Consulting

Our technologies and tools


Blockchain Development Services provide necessary knowledge and technologies to build, implement and maintain solutions base on Blockchain.

Blockchain technologies provide a Decentralized application which be safe and transperent for transaction, data storage and digital asset management for enterprise.

There are many types of blockchain development services, such as blockchain consulting, smart contract development, blockchain application development, and blockchain integration services.

Enterprise can find a reliable blockchain development service provider by researching, checking their profiles, reading reviews from customers, and offer to introduce from other enterprise in their industry.

Popular Programming Languages are used for Blockchain development, such as Solidity, Java, Python, C++ and JavaScript.

Yes, blockchain technology can be used for many applications except Electronic Money, such as supply chain management, healthcare, identity verification, and voting systems.

Some of the challenges of implementing blockchain solutions, such as high development costs, uncertain regulation, issues of interactive ability, and specialized expertise in blockchain development.

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