Customers who work in an international business want to own the application to translate languages from PDF, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel formats. When this application translates languages from files, it can separate punctuation by sentences, translate manually or automatically, and export files with the same format for efficient work.

Every day, customers have to work with many partners, mainly foreigners. They send a lot of documents in different file formats and many different languages.

Clients feel stressed and overworked if they translate several files like this each day. In the translation, there is not enough time to focus on more significant tasks. Besides, with a large number of files, hiring personnel is very expensive, and even the translation is not as good as the customer wants.

Understanding the difficulties that customers have been facing, INTS has come up with a technology solution to solve the concerns and worries of customers, which is a multilingual translation application and many different file formats. Customers only need to put any file into the application, and it will translate automatically and export the file in the same format for efficient work.

To make the application indeed more effective, INTS integrates the Google Cloud AI application to solve the problem of content quality. Customers will optimize their time and can focus on their other jobs.

Results and achievements:
This application brings to value about content quality and save time for customers. It solve the problem of overwork that prevents them from developing more ideas for clients.

Since using the application at work, customers confidently receive more customers and can handle work more quickly. In addition to receiving more customers, business revenue also increased two times compared to when not using the application.

Customers are very satisfied because they can solve psychological problems as well as work problems. That is the driving force to help INTS constantly innovate and offer technology solutions to help customers develop.