Let's do some great work together

Innovating for a Better tomorrow With technology

We believe that technology is the key to the future and we always strive to stay ahead of the trend.

Let's do some great work together

Maximize work Efficiency with Technology

Technology helps make human life easier and more convenient with automated processes that help release labor force.

Let's do some great work together

Smartify with Data and Technology

Our guiding principle is to provide intelligent and convenient solutions that satisfy all customer demands.

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We are confident in providing mobile application development solutions that meet our customers' needs. With the latest technologies constantly updated to follow the trends of mobile app development around the world.

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With extensive experience, we strive to constantly innovate and provide powerful solutions for our customers' CRM needs. We offer full commitment to quality and long-term support.

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We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers with every web development project. Customer satisfaction is always the driving force that propels us forward. We are committed to addressing all customer requests with the highest level of responsibility


Blockchain is a technology of the future, INTS catches up with that trend and is committed to providing smart solutions for blockchain technologies like Web3 or Solidity.

Why Choose INTS?

Our human resource is our power.

Continuing the tradition of its founders, who were exceptional graduates in the field of information technology from renowned Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Tokyo, INTS has a highly talented team of engineers. Moreover, over 80% of INTS personnel are proficient in both English and Japanese.

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Providing total IT solution for your Business Success

The company is capable of carrying out the entire process of product and service development, ensuring full fulfillment of customers' needs and requirements from start to finish.

Furthermore, the company develops new technologies in projects such as AI, ML, IoT, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain,….

Our reputation is built on the trust of our partner

The projects INTS implemented have received the satisfaction and trust of customers. Our reputation is built largely on a quality workflow, prompt problem solving and thoughtful support when handing over products

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Proven to bring benefits and value to customer

Many successful projects of high quality for large companies and corporations in Japan

Good expertise brings digital transformation software solutions in industries such as Education, Finance, Retail, Ecommerce, etc.

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Let's explore interesting things with us. Keep updated with the latest news and our technological achievements.

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Revolutionizing Home Loan Applications: INTS’ Innovative Solution…

Customers want to create a home loan application This application…

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Years Experience


Happy Clients




I have been using the services of this company for many years and have never been disappointed. They always update the latest technology and provide customers with the best products and services




This company has innovation and creativity in developing products. I have used their latest product and it is very convenient and meets my needs well. I am very impressed with the company's innovation capabilities.

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I had product issues and received excellent support from the customer support team who quickly and professionally resolved them. I highly appreciate the company's customer care.

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