1. Market division between Flutter and React Native in 2020

Choosing a specific framework is currently very difficult for most companies. However, ambitious developers also want to catch up on the latest trends, and the question “Should I learn Flutter or React Native?” is often asked. In order to select the latest proposals, it is necessary to form concrete concepts about the coverage of Flutter and React Native. Therefore, it is important to have reliable sources of information. In the IT community, both Github and Stack Overflow are highly regarded for sourcing the data they need.

The above two sources are useful for comparing Flutter and React Native once and for all. It shows how many people are using which languages and specific frameworks. It is therefore an insider’s view of the IT community. However, from another perspective, Google Trends is also used to see how developers (and other positions) are interested in the above issues and comparisons between Flutter and React Native.

1.1 Statistics from Stack Overflow

First, let’s take a look at the data stats on Stack Overflow in 2020. *If you want to check the actual data at the time of reading this article, please access the link below.


Comparison of Flutter and React Native favorites on Stack Overflow

The list of most popular technologies shows how many professionals started using a particular tool and want to continue using it. In the above benchmark, Flutter scores 68.8%, while React Native scores 57.9%.

1.2 Statistics from Github

Github indicated that the number of open source projects is increasing day by day. The 2020 stats show how many people are contributing to open source projects. Currently, React Native has 9.1 thousand contributors, compared to 13 thousand on the Flutter side.

***1.3 Statistics from Google Trends***

Google Trends is a measure of the popularity of a particular query in terms of overall search frequency over a period of time. The bottom line is to estimate the problems searched based on the percentage of all queries searched on Google.

Google Trends compares Flutter and ReactNative

It can be seen that Flutter’s popularity is almost double that of React Native. Flutter averages 86 visits and React Native 58. You can also analyze the popularity of other cross-platform frameworks by comparing the two frameworks above on Google Trends.

So, Based on Stack Overflow, Github and Google Trends, the frameworks by popularity are ordered as follows.

* Flutter

* React Native

* Xamarin

* Cordova

According to statistics, Flutter will be the best cross-platform application framework in 2020, with React Native in second place. Interestingly, if you look at the 5-year process overview instead of 12 months, you can see the whole process of development. The Flutter trend has evolved rapidly over the last three years. The popularity of React Native and Cordova is stable, but Xamarin’s access numbers are declining.