Customers want to have a home loan application. This application is considered an middleware between customers and the bank to verify documents about condition of purchase, what types of documents. This app handle the work quickly and efficiently.

The home loan application through the Bank is guaranteed by government, so customers feel rest assured.

Buying a home is necessary, but not everyone has enough money to buy it. Many homebuyers have to go to the bank but don’t have many times to solve the loan procedure.

The loan procedure at the bank is not processed within one working day, it will take a lot of times if there may be wrong with borower’s document. People are too busy to not have time will use oursoucing services and lose much money.In the end, they still have to solve it themselves.

Therefore, customers always have a desire of application to meet the needs for customers as well as helping customers save time and be safe when buying a home.

To face with that challenge, INTS has launched a technology solution by creating an app for the home loan which be intergrated many banks to choose easily for homebuyers.

No any difficulty to complete the procedure, each bank will create its own loan application process and have detailed instructions for borrowers to easily follow. If have any problems, borrowers can call the hotline or send a direct message to the 24/7 Chatbot for assistance.

The home loan app have to ensure legally, safety and security for borrowers, thereby you can believe completely to use it. The most outstanding point is the quickly procedures.

Results and achievements:
3 months since that app was launched, more than 2,000 customers have participated and leaved a lots of positive feedback about the App. Customer is or not but they have many good feedbacks.
This application has gradually attracted more banks for cooperation by its reputation. The customers all have high appreciated for this app of INTS, they believe in cooperation to develop this application with further features.